The Secret


The island of Formentera is located in the Balearic Islands, only 20 minutes boat ride from internationally renowned Ibiza. Formentera has an overall size of 82 km2 where under a fifth serves the operations of the Salines. 

Salt production on Formentera is a tradition that lasts for more than 2665 years. The Phoenician fishermen were the first to detect the exceptional qualities of the island for salt production: very pure seawater, exceptionnally large amount of biophoton and continuous breeze that facilitates the evaporation.

These characteristics, alongside the effects of the Posidonia, allow us to harvest our salt under liquid form retaining more than 72 minerals and trace elements derived from marine waters. This energy is harnessed within our sea salts. Minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium among others, will be found in our salt to provide you the healthiest and tastiest food experience.


The Posidonia Oceanica is what makes the Salines de Formentera truly unique. This underwater plant greatly increases the oxygen level and naturally filters the waters that surround the island of Formentera. This results into pure and crystalline water like nowhere else on earth. This natural sea water will then the ponds of Salines de Formentera and will be the base for our 100% natural low sodium salt.

Within the Natural Park of Ses Salines is the largest and oldest living organism in the world. It is an 8 km Posidonia Oceanica that is more than 100,000 years old. It lays within within a 700 km2 colony that represent 78% of the world's reserves of Posidonia. Posidonia is spread by pollination and grows at a rate of 1m every 100 years.


The history of the Salines de Formentera began 2665 years ago. Phoenician fishermen discovered the amazing properties of the seawater surrounding the island. For more than 2000 years, this area has been producing high quality salt. This is why the UNESCO decided to establish the Salines de Formentera as a worldwide heritage site.