Cut out the sodium not the taste

Salines de Formentera, the protected Mediterranean Sea paradise island, has launched a revolutionary ultra pure organic sea salt spray that has 80% less sodium than ordinary salt, this is 5 times less sodium.

What's so special about it?

Not to be confused with other low sodium products that contain potassium fillers, unpleasant spices and anti caking agents, this liquid salt is 100% natural, pure oxygenated filtered sea water from the ocean prairies of Formentera island. This liquid salt is slowly matured by the wind and the sun for two years within the pristine nature park of Salines de Formentera. After two years the liquid salt is harvested then filtered and frozen, this process preserves all the original characteristics and mineral purity of the sea which is so beneficial to health. This unique salt contains between 20 and 100 times more sea minerals and trace elements than any other sea salt or any other mine salt (Himalayan salts, etc) as well as a vast array of marine amino acids some of which are exclusive to this product.


This Unesco World Heritage site is home to the 100,000 year old Oceanic Posidonia, the largest and oldest living entity in the world. Forming part of a 700Km2 Posidonic reef which is home to 78% of the world’s reserves of this marine sub aquatic herb. At 8 kilometres across it propagates by pollination and grows at a rate of one metre every hundred years up to forty metres in height.
This is also the only place on earth to benefit from the largest amount of bio photons from the sun. This stimulates the growth of the Posidonia enormously, which in turn increases the amount of oxygen and naturally filters the sea water surrounding the island of Formentera, leaving it purer and more crystalline than anywhere else in the world.

How does it taste?

This is a gourmet product with a significantly more refined and cleaner taste than other sea salts. It's also very economical to use, (it will salt up to 4 times more food area than any other salt) and it’s convenient due to its atomiser spray. The ingenious cap contains a 5ml measure to add the liquid salt to food when cooking. It won on 2012 the prestigious 3 Star superior taste award at the International Taste and Quality Institute in Brussels.
This ultra low sodium salt is now being used by many bakeries, pre-cooked dishes/foods, restaurants and homes throughout Europe and started already in the USA, soon in Canada. It is already having a significant impact on the reduction of sodium levels in the staple food group.
Domestically, it's available in the size 250ml, 8.45 fl.oz salt-spray as single unit and in convenient packs of 6 units.
We know we should all reduce our sodium intake and now we all can, by a staggering 80% and yet still enjoy wonderfully seasoned great tasting food. No doubt that it is the healthiest salt.